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Halfway River Hot Springs
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This is a trip that for some inexplicable reason I have been obsessed to do since my last visit to Revelstoke.  I left Vancouver Friday at 3:30 p.m. and I arrived to Revelstoke at 10:00 p.m. where I spent the night on my now official motel (Mountain View Motel).  The following day, after having an unpleasant breakfast in Denny's (the food always tastes the same) I started my search of the hot springs.

To arrive to this place I will give directions from Revelstoke.  Take Highway 22 South, head to Galena Bay for the ferry.  Drive until you see Halcyon Hot Springs (a private place with a swimming pool) and continue for 9 km.  You will cross Halfway River and almost immediately, on your left you will see a orange-painted stop sign, this is Halfway River Forest Service Road. 

On this road keep watching the kilometre signs. After the 10-km sign the road forks, take the left fork.

After maybe 500 metres, look for a road/path down to the left.  Park near the road, a 4x4 vehicle can go downhill but I believe is better to leave your car on the road.

Walk the road, the road ends at a campsite.

Look to your left down the edge of the escarpment and you will see a path down it.  It's quite steep, watch your step because there are some slippery spots. 

Once you hit flat terrain, go to your left and very soon you will arrive to the first of the pools.

You will see a rock with boiling hot water coming underground.  Now put your hand inside the water to see what happens.

A group of volunteers have built an ingenious pooling system to solve the problem with the hot water.  

When the boiling water leaves the ground, it sits on a big pool cooling down eventually spilling over the rest of the pools via rubber hoses.

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