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Halfway River Hot Springs
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Finally it was time to try the pools.  The ones near to the river had some people including one young family, I decided to go later on.

The pool closest to the hot springs is VERY hot, it took me around 10 minutes to be able to be completely inside.  At the beginning part of my skin was getting quite scalded.  

One of the locals told me that this pool can be used in winter, I don't know the area and it's hard for me to say if the road is ploughed during the coolest months of the year.

30 minutes later the family left and they were kind enough to take me a picture.  They told me that I should try the cooler pools next to the river.

This place is just heaven!  I was surrounded by a beautiful pine forest smelling so fresh.

The water has a faint sulphur smell, and is very warm.  The pools are all natural rock to sit on.

I had a very interesting conversation with two people from the area who as real Canadians were very friendly.    

Basically I spent the next four hours relaxing, doing nothing.  I slept for maybe 30 minutes and I just waked up when I started to drink water.

Just meters away is Halfway river with its beautiful crystal-clear and only just above freezing water.  The so pure water makes it safe for drinking.

Once again, please do as those who come regularly do: maintain the springs by packing out what you packed in - and the garbage left behind by the irresponsible ones as well.

Driving distance from Revelstoke: Around 86 km (53.75 miles)

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