St. Leon Hot Springs

October 08, 2005

Since 2016 St. Leon has been closed. I was told because of extreme litter and disrespect of the land.

But on other posts it appears someone died from a heart-attack and the land is set for commercial development.

So for now I am keeping this page for educational purposes.

The site is very close to Halfway but the springs are totally different.

The temperature at St. Lions has an average of 50°C (122°F).

Geologists estimate that on this area, waters descend about five kilometers into the Earth, heating as they descend, before encountering the fault that allows them to flow back to the surface.

The springs come out of the side of the cliff and get deposited on several pools.

The last one is a man-made cement pool.

Before its closure, the site was maintained by local loggers and wild hot spring lovers.

It was quite a work involved on this task: keeping the concrete pool disinfected and clean, fixing and replacing the floating cedar tables, maintaining the weeping tile around the up slope side of the pool, maintaining the piping and keeping the trails open.

The site had a pool side change shack and outhouses. Volunteers used to packed-out garbage (to the tune of a truck load per year) from the spring site and the road side all the way back to the highway.

Like St. Lions, I have seen an increase of vandalism and littering across other hot springs and outdoor sites.

Existing litter is commonly sited as the biggest reason why people think it’s OK to litter, so we can do our part to reduce littering by simply cleaning up existing trash.

Before leaving your campsite or picnic area, take a look around and pick up any trash you can find…even if it’s not yours. A little personal responsibility goes a long way.