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After leaving Halfway Hot Springs I headed to St Leon Hot Springs.  The place is very close, but instead of turning left on Halfway River Forest Service Road -- assuming you are coming from Revelstoke -- you have to keep driving for maybe two kilometres.  Very soon you will cross St Leon Creek and you will start driving on a passing lane.  Once the passing lane ends, on your left you will see the entrance to St Leon Forest Service Road.  Keep driving for around 3.5 kilometres, watch your odometer, like Halfway there are not signs to show you where the hot springs are.

I was lucky enough to see two parked cars.  On your left you will see a short but steep 10 minute hike down to a shallow, cooler concrete pool.

The temperature is around 50C / 122F

Like all the other natural springs I found au natural individuals enjoying the warm water.  I don't have any problem going naked, but I don't feel very comfortable getting my butt scratched. 

You can reach this place hiking from the highway, on the forest service road there is another entrance maybe 1 km before where you can hike as well, but is better to go with someone familiar with the area 

Keep in mind that this place is located on private land.  A local logger and other local wild hot spring lovers have kept the concrete pool disinfected and clean, cut the cedar around floating tables, installed and cleaned-out the weaping tile around the up slope side of the pool, changed the black pvc-piping and keep the trails open, constructed a poolside change shack, continued to dig outhouses, and packed-out garbage (to the tune of a truck load per year) from the spring site and the road side all the way back to the highway.

All this so people like you or me may be able to continue to use this wonderful place. 

I spent the following hour chatting with a very nice couple and learning where I should be getting winter tires for the coming winter -- I just hope I can afford them --

Once again, do your part so future generations can keep enjoying places like this.

Driving distance from Revelstoke: Around 81 km (50.63 miles)

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