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Lussier Hot Springs
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During the weekend I did a business trip to Cranbrook but I decided to take one day off.  I heard good comments about Lussier Hot Springs and I wanted to give them a try.

Access is from Highway 93/95, turn east 4.5 kilometres south of Canal Flats onto the gravel Whiteswan Forestry Road; the hot springs are located near the west boundary of Whiteswan Provincial Park at kilometre 17.5.

Part of the road was basically frozen, fortunately this only lasted for a couple of kilometres.  The road is supposed to be open year round unless inaccessible due to weather conditions, especially during the off-season.

Extreme care must be taken when driving the canyon portion (km 15 to km 18) of the access road to the park.  For improved safety turn your headlights on.  Be aware that mine ore trucks and oversized loaded logging trucks are on the route.  Always give them the right of way!

After kilometre 17 you will see a BC sign showing the way to the hot springs and a change room/ toilet.

There is a short hike down to the Lussier River before you can reach the hot springs.  At this time of the year the trail is very slippery. 

After five minutes, finally I reached a set of four delightful rock pools alongside the Lussier River.

No liquor or dogs or garbage are permitted at the springs and bathers must wear bathing suits. Park Rangers make regular patrols to Lussier Hot Springs.

The mineral water enters the first pool at a maximum temperature of 43C (110F), before gravity feeding down to the lower pools.

The bottom pool alongside the Lussier river offers the coolest water, at about 34C (94F) in summer.

The rock pools can accommodate several people at a time. They are popular during summer and tend to be crowded on weekends, except early in the morning

Several times I cleared my mind by bounding out of the higher pool into the frigid creek water.

These are the things I use when I am visiting hot springs:

- Water
- Chocolate bar
- Watch (time flies)
- Towel (borrowed from motel)
- Cheap bathing suit

By popular request, I am not longer wearing Speedos

Driving distance from Vancouver: 947 km (591 miles)

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