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Sunwolf Outdoor Centre is a resort where you can have a quiet gateway and do any kind of outdoor activity around the Squamish area.

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But something that Sunwolf does really well is rafting and this time they show us "The Whitewater Experience"

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The run started from the Elaho River, in a place called "Devil's Elbow"

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Along the run we had beautiful vistas of the Elaho River and shortly after that, the Squamish River.  The Elaho River has a length of about 55 km.

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The water is really cold, the average at this time of the year is 5C.  Without the suit is very difficult to stand the coldness of the water.

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The mountain ranges and valleys are a product of geologic uplift that began about 10 million years ago.

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The Coast Mountains have risen 2,000 - 3,000 meters in the last 10 million years and were extensively modified and sculptured during the last Ice Ages (2 million to 10,000 years ago)

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The Squamish river is a very good river for steelhead.  The fish are strong and hard to catch.

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The Elaho Valley is so unique for it's up to 1300-year old Douglas firs, of which there are approximately 50 in one place.  Some of these trees were born in 700 A.D. 

Interfor (a logging company) has been trying to cut these untouched forests, but they have not been very successful thanks to the action of local environmentalists.

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Back to the lodge a delicious buffet and a quick shower let us ready for our way back to home.

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Round trip: 150 km (94 miles)

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