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Another Easter weekend, this reminds me when I was a child and I was teach that the whole meaning of Lent, suffering, death and rebirth of Jesus is the core of Christianity.  I always try to apply the message to everyday life.

Part of my everyday life includes to enjoy the outdoors and this time Marnie was kind enough to share her little red house in Chase.  The village of Chase is located 400 km (250 miles) east of Vancouver.

The trip was started late in the afternoon.


Marnie's house is next to Little Shuswap Lake.  This lake is formed by a dam on the South Thompson River.  The area is a reservation of the Shuswap Indians.

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The terrain is much like the hills of the Appalachians of the US, covered in forest.

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A quick drive around the area shows the massive forest destruction of last year fires.  The dangerous fires forced hundreds of people from their homes.

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Please, let me introduce you the beautiful South Thompson River, one if British Columbia's most important rivers, this river is home to many species of game fish.

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The South Thompson flows westward from Little Shuswap Lake before meeting the North Thompson at Kamloops. 

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The steelhead in this place are legendary for two reasons.  First, they are big, often in the high teens with some in the 20+ lb range and the rare one that will reach 30 lbs.  Second, they're incredibly strong!

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30 km north of Chase is Adams Lake. You may find pleasant beach areas with lightly forested upland.  This place is popular for fishing and boating.  

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Time to leave Chase.  There are a lot of secondary roads and recreational sites where you can spend the night.  The Chase-Falkland road has four recreational sites, this time the chosen one was Chase Creek Recreational Site.

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