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Weaver Lake - Chehalis Lake
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This time I was looking for a short hike and some scenic drive around the Harrison Area.  Weaver Lake is a small lake located 14 km northeast of the community of Harrison Mills.

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In this place you can park and camp, fish, hike and boat.  The hike goes around the lake.

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On the middle of the trail and after a gain of less than 50 m (160 ft) we reached the highest point of the trail. 

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From the viewpoint  we had a very nice view of the lake, then we returned to the forest.

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On the last part of the trail the preponderance of conifers gives way to such deciduous trees as vine maple and alder, plus shade-loving flowers like coral root.  This habitat encourages bushes and for that reason the trail is a little overgrown.

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After that, we drove 30 km to the west to reach the spectacular Chehalis Lake.  This lake is 10 km long and a truck is usually recommended for the last 13 km of gravel road. 

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Despite the large size of the lake there are only three access points.  We choose the north end of the lake.

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There are a lot of backroads and trails on this area make it an extremely attractive area for hiking, 4x4 exploring, dirt biking or sightseeing.  One of my favorites hikes is only 5 km away from this place

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