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Weaver Lake - Chehalis Lake
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Resting on this lake I couldn't avoid to remember the local histories of the Sasquatch -- or Big Foot in the United States --, the two headed snake and the bear that lives under the water.

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In the 1920's and 30's there were many reports of the monsters being seen in the Chehalis-Harrison Mills area.  They received continent-wide publicity through the writings of the school teacher at Chehalis, J. W. Burns

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After leaving the lake, we did a quick stop on Kilby Provincial Park.  This is a beautiful riverfront park and there's a wonderful pioneer history associated with the Kilby Historic Store situated next to the park.

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The first settlers came to the area in the late 1800s and stated milling lumber in 1870.  Between 1870 and 1910, the tiny community grew, as did local sawmill operations.

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In 1904, Harrison Mills constructed a two-story building consisting of a general store and a hotel, which the family operated until 1976.  There is a small admission charge to view the store, which is open from May to October and at Christmas each year.

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This park is famous with bird watchers, as hundreds of wintering bald eagles comet to the area to feast on spawning salmon in late autumn.  Graceful trumpeter swans also migrate to the area all the way from Alaska.

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Round trip: 340 km (212 miles)

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