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With a lot of rain on the Lower Mainland and looking a rest from last week hike, we decided to do a scenic drive.  This time we crossed Manning Pak and head to the Okanagan.

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After leaving Manning Park, the snow was left behind and the drive was quite comfortable.

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Our first stop was the tree-bordered Allison Lake.  This is a great spot for swimmers and those who love fish.  The park is know for its stands of aspen that burst into golden colours in the fall.  It was quite cold on that site and we just stayed for 30 minutes.

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This is a great overnight spot when travelling between Merritt and Princeton.

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Then we headed to Allison Lake Provincial Park.  At this time of the year the main campgrounds are closed and with the low temperatures I was sure that we were going to be the only ones wandering around the park.  This is cattle country and at this time of the year you can see a lot of them

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Canadian beef

Time for a short hike around Kentucky Lake.  There are two ponds where kids can do fishing but the main fishing is on Kentucky and Alleyne lakes.  Campsites on the West Pond and Alleyne Lake are open year round but I wonder who will have the guts to camp here at this time of the year.

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Once known by local fishers and their friends, the park is being discovered as a weekend destination from the coast and from the Okanagan.

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The rolling grasslands and dry open forest surround the sparkling turquoise waters of Kentucky Lake and Alleyne Lake.

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After bothering some cows with the truck we decided to come back to Vancouver via the Coquihalla Highway.  If you quickly want to go deep into the interior of the Province, this is the road to use.

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Round trip from Vancouver: 655 km (410 miles)

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