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First Attempt 

Heavy rains on a Sunday.  Without too much desire of walking under the rain, I decided to do an exploratory trip on the east roads of Harrison Lake.  On the gravel road there are numerous places for views of Harrison Lake and waterfalls along the way.

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Echo Island (left) and Cascade Peninsula

My plan was to learn how to reach Clear Creek Hot Springs, this is a semi-improved hot spring that I would like to visit on a weekday.  If you are wondering, this is a 35 km drive and for the last km a 4x4 is required. 

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At km 22, we passed Cogburn Beach Recreational Site.  With over 100 cars on summer weekends, this place is a perpetual bush party in the summer. 

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After passing Bear Creek logging camp, we headed to Silver Creek.  We were thinking to do a quick visit to the hot springs, but without bathing suit we decided to keep going -- at this place bathing suits are optional, and today was one of those days were I didn't want to be chased by women -- 

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We have views of Silver creek and the remains of a washed bridge was a powerful reminder of how careful you must be when driving on a lonely road.

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I couldn't believe how far we were already, I was starting to think about the possibility of reaching the Nahatlach.

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Then, I drove for almost 500 metres on a badly washed-out part of the road.  I was starting to have second thoughts of coming back.  Later on, we arrived to a junction where Kookipi FSR starts -- or ends if you are coming north -- At this point you go right and after a few meters you can stop to see a beautiful fall carved by Big Silver Creek.

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We keep driving for a few kilometres when I started to see small patches of snow.  This road connects the secondary roads of Nahatlach River FSR and Harrison East Main over an 1170m (3838 ft) pass.  Around, there is one area known as "Purgatory", if you get lost you could be there for awhile.

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Click here to see video (AVI - 2.54 MB)

On Spade Creek the bridge was washed out, I inspected the bridge and I noticed that someone managed to crossed it with an ATV.  The bridge was somehow still crossable but the replacement of the steering arm is still hurting my wallet.

I wasn't planning to drive this far, with 25 km waiting to be covered and with the first signs of snow, it was time to come back.

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The following day, I learned that just 3.0 km at the end of the road, the vehicular access was blocked due to rock falls on road.   

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Now do you understand why I always ask to bring extra food and blankets?

Round trip:  Around 400 km (250 miles)

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