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A Long Weekend into the Kootenays
Part II (Revelstoke)

Finally I reached the summit of the pass where I spent some time enjoying the commanding views of the high country.   

Do you know that Revelstoke was also the name of a well-known Canadian chain of hardware and home improvement stores, now known as Rona?

There were some people on the summit and one of his dogs was barking to me in a not very friendly way.  When the owner's dog saw my bear spray he almost jumped over the dog.

Anyway, I call it a day at the summit of the pass.  You can continue down for another two kilometres to Upper Jade Lake (elevation 1825 m - 5987 ft) where overnight camping is permitted. 

From the summit I did some minor scrambling and from the top of one of the mountains I had fun taking panoramic pictures.  The weather changes very quickly on this area and I was thinking that maybe for tomorrow I wasn't going to be that lucky.

On my way back I had more views of Miller Lake.  At the turn of the century, school inspector A.E. Miller explored the park area and wrote articles in the Revelstoke newspaper extolling the region's scenic beauties.  This alpine lake, named in his honour, continues to be a favourite day-hike destination for Revelstoke citizens.

Miller Lake

During the last ice age, a glacier sat in the basin now filled by Miller Lake.  The moving sheet of ice ate away at the depression and formed this bowl-shaped cirque.

The shuttle stops servicing at 4:30 and I had to walk the last kilometre to the parking area.  

Driving distance from the park = 27.7 km (17 miles)

In Revelstoke I was able to find a cheap and good motel following my three rules

1. Ask the locals
2. Not a chain motel.  Forget Motel 8, Travelodge or Best Western
3. Only one floor. 

I spent the night on a nice room with a big TV, microwave, freezer, desk and cattle water heater for only $46.  

Costs - Day 2
Entrance to Park = $ 6,00
Food  =
$40,03 (Avoid the Chinese restaurants in Revelstoke)
Motel = $46,00

TOTAL = $92,03

Distance driven on day 1 and 2 = 611 km (382 miles)

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