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A Long Weekend into the Kootenays
Part IV (Going South)

After finishing my visit to Revelstoke Dam, I decided to do something different from my original plan and I drove south.  My idea was to reach either Castlegar or Vernon.  I did a quick stop in Begbie Falls Recreational Site.  There is a total of 5 km of trail that is used by local mountain bikers, hikers, horseback riders and rock climbers wishing to access the rock bluffs.

Begbie Falls

Close to the falls, I was able to see some Kokanee, from there I had a short walk to the river where I have beautiful views of the valley and the ski hill.

Basically I was looking to a widened portion of the Columbia River that is know as the Upper and Lower Arrow Lakes (depending where you are). 

Following the road I stopped in a Provincial Park called Blanket Creek.  This park was originally a farm now developed to provide recreational opportunities.  This park is noted for its 5-minute trail leading to the foot of the beautiful 12 metre high Sutherland Falls with its one straight drop into a pool

Sutherland Falls

There is a small picnic area/swimming lagoon.  I found it very convenient for families with small kids.  There were warnings of a small black bear roaming in the campground area.  Bears are attracted to this place because of its fruit trees remaining from the orchards of the early settlers.

Well, after leaving this nice place I keep driving south and very soon I reached Shelter Bay.  You can either swim or just wait for the ferry.

Upper and Lower Arrow Lakes are vast reservoirs of water that moderate winter temperatures and help retain moisture in the local atmosphere, thus greatly influencing the types of vegetation found here.

The fishing in this area is excellent with the world's largest breed of rainbow trout along with Dolly Varden and kokanee.

On the other side of the lake, Highway 23 is know as the "Route of the Hot Springs".  There are a couple of places that say they are Hot Springs Hotels (in other words, hotels with swimming pools).  The real fun is you go into the mountain, I heard there are some wilderness natural hot springs around. 

I would like to try to reach one of those hot springs before November, otherwise I already have plans for next year.  

Well, the night arrived and it was time for me to stop my driving.

Costs - Day 3
Gas = $35,00
Food  = $11,
25 (In Naskup I ate the worst Chinese food ever!  What I have done to deserve such punishment?)
Motel = $45,00

TOTAL = $91,25

Distance driven on day 3 = 260 km (162.5 miles)

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