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A Long Weekend into the Kootenays
Part V (Osoyoos)

Today was the last day of my trip and I had to make it in time for Ken's party.  With almost 700 km (437.5 miles) to drive, I had a long day ahead of me.

During my way back I did a quick stop on Christina Lake.  The lake is 19 km (11.87 miles) long and more than 180 meters (590 feet) deep in some sections. The warm water temperatures can be attributed to the fact that a sizeable fault runs through the middle of the lake which supplies constant geothermal heat to the lake making it the "warmest tree-lined lake in Canada" 

Christina Lake

After leaving the Kootenays, I started to cross the Okanagan.  Time for another quick break on the little town of Greenwood.  During the prosperous years of the late 1890's when copper was king, this street was one of the busiest places in the Old West.  At that time, more than 100 businesses (including 14 motels, two newspapers, two banks and a 1000 seat opera house) catered to their varied needs.

I came across this 1949 Studebaker.  Only 3317 were produced, 179 in Canada and the rest in the USA.

1949 Studebaker

The another quick break was in Osoyoos.  Osoyoos is the only desert in Canada, with the lowest rainfall, the highest temperatures, and the warmest lakes.

Osoyoos is located in the middle of the Southern Okanagan wine country, whose fine wines match any wines from anywhere, from France to California

Translated from local Inkaneep native dialect, Osoyoos means, where the water narrows, or sand bar across, an apt description for the way this town spans a narrow part of Osoyoos Lake in the Southern Okanagan.

Osoyoos Lake, one of three lakes that claim to be the warmest freshwater lake in Canada, is surrounded by many beautiful beaches and picnic grounds

The dry, sunny climate and long growing season make the South Okanagan the fruit basket of Canada, with Osoyoos as its capital city. Cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, apples, grapes... even bananas! Yes, bananas - the only plantation of its kind in Canada.

Finally I arrived to Vancouver at 6:30 p.m.

Others = $16,00
Gas  = $126,00
Food = $48,01
Motel = $143,65
Grand Total = $333,66

I drove a total of 1611 km (1007 miles)

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