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This was one of those weird weekends where I didn't want to leave the city.   Vancouver is blessed with diversity.  Institutions related to Buddhism, Christianity, Islamism, and other faiths are available for religious exploration.  Today I decided to explore a Buddhist temple

Two Buddhists donated approximately one acre of land in Richmond for the purpose of building an authentic Buddhist Temple.  Construction of the Buddhist Temple's began in 1982. 

In the following picture you can see three of the eighteen Arahats.  They were followers of "The Buddha" 2,600 years ago.  Each one of them has a unique characteristic, and attained Enlightenment through different methods.

These guys are lucky, according to the tradition they will not be reborn in the reincarnation cycle. 

According to Buddhism, everyone possesses the original nature of enlightenment.  However, we are confused by desires and ignorance polluting the original wisdom.

But there is more, no life is without suffering. For that reason misfortune will sometimes visits us. Therefore, we have to prepare our defences of courage and steadfast love and and if you are Buddhist, place your wholehearted trust in Amida Buddha, so that adversity will not overcome you. 

Maitreya Buddha or "The Happy Monk With a Bag"

Amida Buddha is the Buddha of Infinite Light (Wisdom) and Infinite Life (Compassion). Amida Buddha is the pure embodiment of Love, as you can see, the object of this faith is the Amida Buddha

In September, 1928 the Steveston Buddhist Temple was officially organized and the first building was constructed on Second Avenue in Steveston. The temple was dissolved in early 1942 when the Japanese Canadians were forced to move from the West Coast because of World War II. 

The temple was reformed in March 1952, as many of the Japanese returned to Steveston after the war.

Jodo Shinshu Buddhism or the True Sect of the Pure Land was founded by Shinran Shonin (1173-1262 A.D.), who sought to reveal Pure Land Teachings to the people of Japan after it had originally been developed and transmitted throughout India, China and Japan by the seven masters - Nagarjuna, Vasabandhu, Donran, Doshaku, Zendo, Genshin and Genku.

The temple uses very traditional Chinese architecture and construction methods. There is a bonsai garden as well

The Temple hosts an extensive library in both Chinese and English, for public reading and reference. The vegetarian hall gives way to a farm that donates over 10,000 lbs of produce to local Food Banks every year

Driving distance from Vancouver: 22 km (13.75 miles)


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